Sentinel Liner Guard

The Sentinel monitors three distinct parts of the lining process: pressure of the liners, power supply and water levels in pumping stations, and also features a remote alarm. The Sentinel sends a text message alert via the GSM network to a cell phone should there be a power outage, fluctuation of the pressure outside the limits, or should the water level in a pumping station rise too high. The Sentinel settings are easily adjusted by GSM commands. Pressure data can be requested via text message.
How does it work?

Please watch our video guide on how to assemble and use the Sentinel Liner Guard for the first time. The manual can be viewed or downloaded here.


2x pressure connectors, 1x water level monitor (upgradeable), power supply monitoring 110-230v / 50-60Hz, 3-phase powers supply monitoring 400v / 50-60Hz and 3-phase alarm (sound, text message & call).

Illuminated LCD screen with polycarbonate shield, military grade connectors, battery back-up, user adjustable GSM numbers, user adjustable limits for high/low pressure with values lP67 sealed closed and lP64 open.


CE & FCC approved.

What our customers say
Arnar Hreinsson
Oliner, Iceland

"Just want to say the Picote Sentinel is a fantastic product. We at Oliner System Iceland forgot two liner right before the holidays and it was guarded by the sentinel the whole time. I would say that the liners are cured." 

Facebook post, Dec 2014

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