Cut back on costly mistakes with the Picote Pipe Cutter. For trimming back liner that has overshot into the main during the lining process

Simply attach special Pipe Cutter panels & centraliser to your existing Smart Cutter™. Quickly and easily remove excess cured liner that has overshot during the lining process into the main line. Cut the excess piece through the lateral.

For DN70, 100 & 150 /3”, 4” & 6” pipes.

Powered by a Picote milling machine:

DN70/3" with Mini Miller or Midi Miller with adapter for 8mm/⅓" shaft.

DN100/4" with Midi or Maxi Miller.

DN150/6" with Maxi Miller.

The Pipe Cutter
The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex

The Ultra-Flex is a complete unit and is used when there is a bend just before the location where the liner needs to be trimmed.

The latest DN200 / 8” Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex is also a complete unit and can be powered by the Maxi Miller.

How to make a Pipe Cutter
DN70 / 3" Pipe Cutter



Narrow 2-wedge hub

8.5x20x50 2W

Blank Hub Disc


2 x DN70/3" Pipe Cutter Panels

DN100 / 4" Pipe Cutter




4-panel DN70/3" hub


Blank Hub Disc


4 x DN100/4" Pipe Cutter Panels

Set of centralisers (3 parts)

DN150 / 6" Pipe Cutter


4-panel DN100/4" hub


Blank Hub Disc




4 x DN150/6" Pipe Cutter Panels

Set of centralisers (3 parts)

The Pipe Cutter in action

Live demo of the Pipe Cutter at the WWETT Show, Indianapolis, IN, USA, 2014

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