Don't lose your head

The Grabber is a unique tool designed to reclaim tools and other items lost inside a pipe. Avoid digging up costly mistakes with this powerful air-driven device, which has cable inside allowing the operator to rotate the jaws and accurately locate the item weighing up to a staggering 68kg/150lb

How does it work?

The Grabber is a very simple but effective tool to use. Watch this short product tutorial to find out how to assemble and use the Grabber.

The Grabber in action

Here is a short video of the Grabber tool being used to pull a Twister Express lateral cutter out of a pipe.

The Large Grabber


Ever lose a tool or other important item down the drain? Avoid digging up costly mistakes with the Picote Grabbers.


The Grabber is available in two sizes: Original and Large. Use the Picote shaft connectors to extend either Grabber with a 10m/32ft extension.


Original Grabber: The customisable head comes with 2 different jaws for grabbing various items. Jaws can open to max. 60mm. Fits in DN100/4" pipes or larger. Max lifting weight 36kg/80lb.

Large Grabber: Comes with one set of jaws. Jaws can open to max. 130mm. Fits in DN150/6" or larger pipes. Max lifting weight 68kg/150lb.