• Jake Saltzman, Picote Worldwide Technical Director

Best in Show

On a red eye flight back from Chicago after attending the Weftec 2017 Show I began to reflect on a comment my Dad made to me while walking the show. He pointed out that there were so many products that were similar on the show floor and wondered how people make a decision about who to do business with. "They all look the same" he said.

It got me thinking that in this BIG world of waste water and drainage products, I am part of something so unique, so special and so ahead of the times. See Picote Solutions has a powerful way of leading the industry in the area of high speed cleaning and cutting tools. This top spot comes from continued commitment to R&D, and our people are always thinking, always listening, always innovating and always making the end user experience better and better.

Picote products stand out and are always exciting to demonstrate because they are unique. They aren't like everything else on the tradeshow floor and that's what makes it fun. In fact people seek out our booth at shows just to see what's new and exciting. We always try to deliver.

While walking around Weftec 2017 we did see several stands that had high speed cleaning and cutting equipment. The best thing is, they were all Picote and there wasn't a single thing like them in the entire place!

If you haven't had a chance to learn about some of the newest innovative products from Picote feel free to reach out to your resellers or give us a call. We have new chains, bigger and more powerful machines, cipp inversion tools and bigger and badder equipment for pumping the new NSF 61.5 Epoxy! There are many more great things coming soon too! I am excited - what about you?

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