• Jake Saltzman, Picote Worldwide Technical Director

Turn failure into success with the Maxi Miller Power Plus

As the trenchless industry continues to grow and change the need for new and unique tools grows as well. The greater the demand the greater the risk for CIPP projects to face failures during installation. As the old saying goes, “If you aren’t having a failure occasionally, you aren’t lining pipe.”

When these unfortunate situations happen, they are often a very big deal and there are limited options for the removal of a failed liner cured in the pipe. That is why Picote Solutions has created its newest machine.

The Maxi Miller Power Plus by Picote Solutions is completely in a league of its own. There is no machine in the world that is capable of as much when it comes to pipe cleaning, liner removal and reinstatement of lateral connections.

Careful planning and extensive research and development has allowed Picote Solutions to provide CIPP contractors a safety net of sorts if problems arise during the lining process.

The Power Plus contains 64FT/20M of ¾”/18mm shaft that is ultra-durable to withstand the most difficult project. An extension can be added for a total reach of 100FT/30M. The range of tools can accommodate 3”/75mm through 12”/300mm pipe with some exceptions based on access.

For cleaning pipe the Power Plus has a great assortment of cleaning chains as well as the very popular Smart Spider line of cleaning tools. With the huge amount of power this machine creates, the Smart Spider is set up with dual heads for ultimate cleaning ability. Dual Cyclone chains may also be used to double the speed during the cleaning process.

When cutting reinstatements with the Power Plus the speed and efficiency is outstanding. The large Twisters cut openings very quickly and the Smart Cutter grinding hubs in some cases have up to 10 panels for extreme grinding capability in large diameter pipes.

Where the Power Plus really excels is with the removal of liners that have been compromised either during the installation or after the install due to unforeseen circumstances.

One of a kind tools such as the Smart Sweeper allow contractors to not only cut out imperfections and failures, but to completely remove all lining material from the host pipe entirely.

The Smart Crusher liner removal tool is quite a beast as well. This tool can cut out sagging or collapsed liners very quickly when combined with the Power Plus Miller. The heads can be easily rebuilt in minutes without the need for a complete head replacement.

As a former contractor myself, I often look at our developments and wish I could go back in time!

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