Innovation is at the very heart of Picote. With our own Services company in Finland it has been possible to identify the tools that are required for efficient small drain rehabilitation. Those requirements are then realised by our R&D Team, headed up by Chief Inventor Mika Lokkinen. Products are only ready once they have been rigorously field-tested. At Picote we believe that there is always a way, and that way should be as simple, cost-effective and efficient as possible. Our range includes award-winning tools and soluitons which are now benefitiing contractors around the world.

Mini Cleaner

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The Mini Cleaner is a high-speed option for cleaning, descaling and blockage removal in various types of pipe. It is designed for work in P-traps (DN50), U-bends (DN50) and small size pipes (DN32-DN75) with multiple 90 degree bends. It can also be used with a DN100 PVC Cyclone Chain pushed through a toilet U-bend and into the stack pipe!

Save money! High speed cleaning (500 to 2900 RPM) of DN32 , DN40, DN50 & DN70 pipes even with multiple 90° bends. The Mini Cleaner is produced with specially produced highly flexible performance outer-casing for the shaft which is durable, flame, abrasion and also chemically resistant with a high continuous service temperature.

- Clean DN100 pipes by going through the toilet (with PVC Cyclone chain).
- Clean blockages without removing toilets - up to DN100.
- Carry only one machine on your van rather than multiple machines for different jobs!

Significantly safer for operators:
- Safety Clutch as standard.
- 16m of 8mm rotating shaft housed inside specialized outer casing.
- Foot pedal (operator presence control).
- Lightweight and portable with wheels for easy transport. Only 26.5kg.


- Mini Cleaner package: Mini Cleaner with a toolkit for DN32/DN40 pipes.
- Additional individual tools and toolkits available (ask your Reseller).

Watch the Picote Mini Cleaner in action

Robot Tools

Picote tools are now available for Schwalm Robots.


A specially designed air motor can be mounted on an existing Schwalm Talpa FSR1330 or FSR2060 Robot to operate the Picote Robo Tools. The air motor developed by Schwalm Robotics GmbH runs at a max 1,500 rpm. Combine Picote’s innovative tools with the advanced Schwalm robotic system to create a powerful and versatile solution for your job site. Go further in distance than ever before (200m/Europe & 1200ft/USA).

Take advantage of the fine tuning power of the Smart Cutter™. Use the cutting ball and then follow up with the Smart Cutter™. Grind away seams, welding beads and other inconsistencies in the pipe quickly and easily. Steering option included. Available sizes: DN150, DN200, DN250 & DN300 / 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”.

Descale pipe like never before with the Picote Premium Cyclone Chain. Mount the Robo Cyclone™ on a robot for efficient cleaning and grinding. Available sizes: DN150, DN200, DN250 & DN300 / 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”.

Add a grabbing capability to your robot. Remove items from hard to reach places. Reclaim a tool or item, weighing up to 35k / 77lb. Available sizes: Regular Grabber for DN100 / 4” or larger pipes.

Descale fragile pipes with ease with your multi-use robot. Gentle on brass connections in water mains.

Available sizes: DN150 & DN200 / 6” & 8”.

Large Grabber

Pick up even bigger and heaver items with the new Large Grabber - up to 68kg/150lb

Ever lose a tool or other important item down the drain? Avoid digging up costly mistakes with the Picote Grabbers.


The Grabber is available in two sizes: Original and now also Large. Use the Picote shaft connectors to extend either Grabber with a 10m/32ft extension.


Original Grabber: The customisable head comes with 2 different jaws for grabbing various items. Jaws can open to max. 60mm. Fits in DN100/4" pipes or larger. Max lifting weight 36kg/80lb.

New Large Grabber: Comes with one set of jaws. Jaws can open to max. 130mm. Fits in DN150/6" or larger pipes. Max lifting weight 68kg/150lb.


Mini Smart

Sweeper Range


Picote introduces the Mini Smart Sweeper product family providing more efficiency and power to cleaning smaller pipes ranging from DN50-DN100/2”-4”. The Mini Sweeper easily goes through 90 degree bends even in DN50/2” pipe. In challenging situations, take advantage of the Mini Sweeper tools.

Remove hard turbuculent and grease in small pipes, including bathroom lines and kitchen sinks. The small body of the Mini Sweeper is compact and self adjusting. Go through challenging bends and P-traps in 2” pipe and get the pipe cleaner than ever before.


Mini Smart Sweeper 4inch for 1-2inch_136
Mini Smart Sweeper 4inch for 1-2inch_136

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Mini Smart Sweeper 4inch for 1-2inch_136
Mini Smart Sweeper 4inch for 1-2inch_136

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Tornado Chain

High Speed cleaning with forward and backward couplings.

High quality, stainless steel chains with forward and backward grinding end couplings. The Tornado is a heavy-duty chain with carbides on every chain link. Made from highly specialized raw material, increasing the life-span even further. Cyclone Premium & Original Premium Chains also available.

For the Maxi Miller Power Plus only.



Picote Mini Cannon 2360000003
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Picote Original Cannon 2360000001
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Cannon Fast Cap 2360000004v2
Cannon Fast Cap 2360000004v2

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Picote Cannon Cap w-hole_900000759
Picote Cannon Cap w-hole_900000759

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Cannon Fast Cap 2360000004v2
Cannon Fast Cap 2360000004v2

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Shoot branch lines with precision and control with the transparent design and compact structure of the Cannon.

Enables you to work where cumbersome inversion drums can’t; to install short liners down to only DN50/2” in diameter. Simply shoot and cure multiple liners with the Picote Cannon Fast Lock System.

The Picote Cannon is a light, transparent tool to install CIPP linings. It allows the user to watch the lining process in real time as it happens.


Picote Cannon Fast Lock System (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) includes multiple inversion heads and a Fast Cap (included in the Cannon package).

Compact design to fit easily in tight spaces. Available in two lengths - Mini & Original. Fast and practical - constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate and aluminium. Easier to operate than standard inversion drums. Safe to use with two independent pressure release systems and a maximum operating pressure of 2 bars. Easy to transport and carry. Available with an option to insert a CCTV camera inside the cannon.

Picote Cannon Fast Lock System Packages (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”)


Picote Original Cannon / product code 2360000001 includes:

3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.

Picote Mini Cannon / product code 2360000003 - includes:

3 inversion heads (DN50/2”, DN70/3”, DN100/4”) and 1 Fast Cap.


These products can also be purchased separately as additional or replacement parts.

Watch the Picote Cannon in action 

Picote Smart Heater

Simplify and speed up drying time of newly applied coatings with the portable
smart heater.

Available in 230v and 110v versions. A safe heating option with a maximum air temperature of 55˚C/131˚F, including an automatic thermal cut-out in both motor and heating element. Provides a powerful air output. 

Available with a 5m/16ft specialty hose with high strength & temperature resistance.

Picote Heater US 110v_1350000024US-2.jpg