Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, to work with a comprehensive range of tools for small diameter drain renovation from DN32 - DN300 / 1 ¼" - 12" pipes. Choose from 5 sizes of machine to suit your needs. For fast and efficient drain cleaning including soft blockages, scale & calcium build-up and tree roots, as well as concrete and lead deposits and failed gaskets & imperfections in the pipe.

Maxi Power +

The Maxi Power + is for tough jobs



-18m/59ft of 18mm / ¾" shaft which can be extended by 10m / 32ft

-Suitable for heavy duty drain cleaning with Picote Original and Cyclone chains

-Fast reinstatements with the Smart Cutter™

and Twister 

-Tough descaling with the Smart Spider

-Challenging liner removal with the special Smart Crusher and Smart Sweeper tools

-For DN150 - DN300 / 6" - 12"pipes

-Can be used in DN100 / 4" straight pipes

-3-phase 16 amp 400v / 3.5kw / 1800rpm

-Electric motor & safety clutch.

-Control box can be detached and operated from access point


Requires Picote Generator


The Super Midi Miller

Super Midi Miller.png

The Super Midi Miller replaces the older a Midi Miller with powerful upgrades for drain cleaning and reinstatements from DN70/3” to DN150/6”.


The Super Midi has an electric safety clutch. It comes with the same powerful control box as Picote’s Maxi Miller and Maxi Power+.


In addition to increased efficiency and safety, the Super Midi has a 20m / 65ft range with the option of adding a 10m / 32ft extension.


Go further in distance, efficiency & safety!



- Excellent combination of safety, force & movability

- 20m / 65ft range with an option to add a 10m / 32ft extension

- Digital control box & electric safety clutch

- A multi-use machine for heavy descaling, pipe cleaning & reinstatements

- Ideal for work inside buildings: Regular outer casing for 12mm/½” shaft allows added flexibility through bends

- Ease of use & practicality: - run the 110v/15amp U.S. model from a house connection in the U.S. - run the 110v/16amp UK model from a house connection in UK with the use of a transformer.

Maxi Miller


The Maxi Miller is a durable machine.



-30m/100ft of 12mm / ½" shaft with thick outer casing.

-Suitable for drain cleaning & powering the Smart Cutter™, Twister, Collapsed Liner Twister and the Pipe Cutter.

-Suitable for the new Smart Spider.

-For DN100 - DN200 / 4" - 8"pipes.

-Weighs 95kg / 210 lb

-1400rpm, 1130w output.

-Electric motor & safety clutch.


May require generator

Mini Miller


The Mini Miller is a high-speed and high torque machine designed for cleaning, descaling and removing roots in DN50 to DN100 / 2" to 4" pipes.


Suitable for reinstatements inside DN50 and DN70 / 2" and 3" pipes.

Add the Mini Pump to brush coat DN50 to DN150 / 2" to 6" pipes.

- High speed drain cleaning
- Blockage removal
- Fast reinstatements through DN50, DN70 & DN100/2”, 3” & 4” P-Traps.

Now available: Mini Miller +C with integrated CCTV Camera

The Picote Mini Miller +C units feature an integrated 30m (98') color camera that makes viewing of cleaning and cutting jobs easier and helps to make Picote Brush Coating setup even simpler.

The Mini Miller +C color, self-leveling camera head has a 512hz integrated sonde while the Mini Cleaner +C features a smaller color camera head that allows it to follow the Mini Cleaner through DN50(2") P-Traps and bends.



The Mini Cleaner


The Mini Cleaner is a high-speed option for cleaning, descaling and blockage removal in various types of pipe. It is designed for work in P-traps (DN50/2"), U-bends (DN50/2") and small size pipes (DN32-DN75/1¼"-3") with multiple 90 degree bends. It can also be used with a DN100/4" PVC Cyclone Chain pushed through a toilet U-bend and into the stack pipe!

Mini Cleaner red and black.jpg

Save money! High speed cleaning (500 to 2900 RPM) of DN32 , DN40, DN50 & DN70 / 1¼", 1½", 2" & 3"pipes even with multiple 90° bends. The Mini Cleaner is produced with specially produced highly flexible performance outer-casing for the shaft which is durable, flame, abrasion and also chemically resistant with a high continuous service temperature.

- Clean DN100/4" pipes by going through the non-siphonic toilet (with PVC Cyclone chain).
- Carry only one machine on your van rather than multiple machines for different jobs!

Significantly safer for operators:
- Safety Clutch as standard.
- 16m of 8mm /⅓" rotating shaft housed inside specialized outer casing.
- Foot pedal (operator presence control).
- Lightweight and portable with wheels for easy transport. Only 26.5kg / 59lbs.


- Comes with Cleaning or Cutting package (US)

- Comes with Mini Cleaner with a toolkit for DN32/DN40 pipes (ROW)
- Additional individual tools and toolkits available (ask your Reseller).

Watch the Mini Cleaner in action

The Mini Cleaner +C

The Picote Mini Cleaner +C units feature an integrated 30m (98') colour camera that makes viewing of cleaning and cutting jobs easier and helps to make Picote Brush Coating™ set-up even simpler.
The Mini Cleaner +C features a small colour camera head that allows it to follow the Mini Cleaner through DN50(2") P-Traps and bends.