Always check the user manual of your machine or tool for safety information before performing any maintenance. Here are some practical tips to help ensure the longevity of your tools

Cutting the flexible shaft

Always inspect the flexible shaft before each use. If there are potential weak points or the shaft is damaged, cut off the damaged length using an angle-grinder. This should be done outside in a clear area as there will be sparks generated by the process. 

Shaft Rounder

After cutting the flexible shaft, use the shaft rounder to take off any rough or sharp edges. to prevent any cuts to the operator when changing over tools.

Adding a sleeve bearing

Use a Sleeve with Bearing for the shaft outer casing to extend the lifespan of the flexible shaft and the outer casing. Available for all models of Picote Miller.

Fastener Screws

If you are unable to tighten the fastener screws on your Smart Cutter hub properly, due to worn out hex socket heads, you should replace the fastener screws immediately. Otherwise, a grinding panel can detach from the hub during reinstatement and fall into the pipe.

Oiling the Flexible Shaft

The flexible shaft is pre-treated with Picote flexible shaft lubricant and the casing replaced prior to shipping. Always inspect the condition and apply Picote flexible shaft lubricant between the flexible shaft and its outer casing when required. If necessary remove the shaft from its casing to treat. When the casing has been replaced, rotate manually for even coverage. 

Changing the Maxi Miller Flexible Shaft

There are several tutorials on YouTube for basic maintenance of Picote Millers and tools. Check out our YouTube Channel / PicoteSolutions.

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