Picote has developed a wide range of tools to use with Picote Millers for the very efficient high-speed drain cleaning of cast iron, clay, concrete and PVC pipes from DN32 - 300 / 1¼" - 12". 


The Tiger Range

The Tiger Range offers a high performance, comprehensive tool set for cleaning pipes, reinstating connections and removing collapsed liners and other materials. All of the tools are designed to be used with our Picote Miller Range, and are manufactured using unique, super strong carbide teeth, which are designed to be very aggressive and long lasting.
Range includes: Tiger Original Chain, Tiger Cyclone Chain, Tiger Drill Chain, Tiger Bore, Tiger Twister Liner & Concrete Remover.

The Tiger Drill Chains are an advanced solution that are equipped with an integrated front drill head to help you push through roots and lightly collapsed liners. The integrated front drill head is also manufactured with the hardened Tiger carbides for maximum aggression and efficiency to tackle tough jobs!

Picote Grinding Chains
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Cyclone chain JPG

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Original Standard Chain_edited
Original Standard Chain_edited

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Picote Grinding Chains are multi-use tools which are extremely effective at removing large build-ups of scale and more. Find out about all of the models and sizes available.

Watch our chains in action:

Twister Metal Grinder
Twister Metal Grinder DN100_1233075101N.

The Twister Metal Grinder quickly and efficiently grinds most metals, including nails, screws, steel rods and lead joints. Brushes provide added stability for safe removal.


- Available for DN100 / 4".

- Safe for cast iron, PVC, concrete and clay pipes.

- Operated by Super Midi and Maxi Miller.

The Smart Spider

The Smart Spider is a unique tool designed specifically for pipes where the base is missing or there are holes in the pipe. Easily navigates 90° bends. 

Watch the Smart Spider in action on YouTube
The Twister Cleaner

The PVC Twister Cleaner is is a gentle option for PVC pipes. Suitable for cleaning DN100 / 4” this useful tool is also effective at removing small inconsistencies inside pitch fibre pipes. Use with the Midi Miller or Maxi Miller for outstanding results.

James Stern
PBF Drainage, UK

What our customers say

"We have tried out the new PVC Twister Cleaner and found it good not only in PVC but also in pitch fibre to remove small defects as it is less aggressive than other tools. For example under a newly built conservatory, a PVC pipe that required lining was cleaned with the new PVC Twister Cleaner. The PVC Twister Cleaner was successfully used to scour the pipe to enable a good bond to be made with the epoxy resins that were used within the liner during installation.”

February 2017

Mini Smart Sweeper



Picote introduces the Mini Smart Sweeper product family providing more efficiency and power to cleaning smaller pipes ranging from DN50-DN100/2”-4”.


The Mini Sweeper easily goes through 90 degree bends even in DN50/2” pipe. In challenging situations, take advantage of the Mini Sweeper tools.


Remove hard turbuculent and grease in small pipes, including bathroom lines and kitchen sinks. The small body of the Mini Sweeper is compact and self adjusting. Go through challenging bends and P-traps in 2” pipe and get the pipe cleaner than ever before.

Special Drill Heads

Picote's range of Special Drill Heads can be used to unblock pipes to make space for larger tools or used in conjunction with the original grinding chains as pilot bits to easily cut into tough blockages such as tree roots, grease and tuburculation.


The ridged drill heads allow for greater navigation through bends and even cast iron P traps.

A PVC Special Drill Head is also available - The safety ring gives the drill head the ability to be used in PVC, clay and lined pipes. This feature means more reliability with less risk of damage to the host pipe


Special Drill Heads can also be used to re-open connections when larger tools, like Twister, cannot fit through pipe or there are dimensional changes inside the pipe. The remaining edges can then be removed using the Smart Cutter.

Smart Cutter™

Our most versatile cutter was initially developed for re-opening lined branches in buildings. It has also been tried and tested in may other scenarios:

​-Reinstatement of lateral /branch connections

-Descaling metallic pipes

-Removing hard deposits, limescale and encrustation on pipe joints

-Cutting out tree roots

-Removal of internal welds in pipework

-Grinding back steel reinforcement bars / metal fence posts after the Twister Metal Grinder has been used

-Removing inconsistencies in pipes such as slugs of resin, fins and wrinkles in linings

-Grinding back intruding plastic lateral connections

-Polishing internal metal pipe surfaces to improve flow

-Scouring the pipe surface prior to coating the pipe with the Picote Brush CoatingTM system to enable a good bond

special drill heads.jpg
Concrete Remover

Removes concrete, grout, slurry and large rocks. May be used to grind offsets in clay and concrete pipe which provides for superior finish after lining.

DN100 & DN150/4” & 6” models available with or without steering axle.

Now available for the Maxi Miller and Maxi Power +.

concrete_remover with steering axle.jpg