Innovation is at the very heart of Picote. With our own Services company in Finland it has been possible to identify the tools that are required for efficient small drain rehabilitation. Those requirements are then realised by our R&D Team, headed up by Chief Inventor Mika Lokkinen. Products are only ready once they have been rigorously field-tested. At Picote we believe that there is always a way, and that way should be as simple, cost-effective and efficient as possible. Our range includes award-winning tools and soluitons which are now benefitiing contractors around the world.

Maxi Miller Power+

The Maxi Miller Power Plus allows the use of Picote’s unique tools in larger diameter DN150-225/6" - 9” sewers, cleaning up to DN300 / 12".

The Maxi Miller Power Plus System is designed for faster lateral reinstatements, even higher speed drain cleaning and more efficient collapsed liner removal.

The Power Plus provides more than double the power compared to regular Maxi Miller (3.5kw vs. 1.5kw).

Range:  18m/59’ range of 18mm/⅝” shaft. Can be extended an additional 11m/35’.  

Pipe size: DN150-225 /6" to 9" or up to DN300 / 12” for cleaning. Some tools also available for DN70/3" and DN100/4" pipes.

Specs:  Electric motor & safety clutch / 3-phase 16amp 400v / 3.5kw / 1500rpm

Features: Control box can be detached and taken closer to access point (5m/16.4’ cord) allowing easy access to control box (Emergency stop, speed control).

The Smart Spider

The Smart Spider cleans all types of pipes fast and highly efficiently - even safe to use in PVC pipes. Specifically for pipes where the base or other sections are missing. Easily navigates 90⁰ bends.

Available sizes: DN100/4” & DN150/6”. For smaller sizes in cast iron, clay or concrete pipes, use the Picote chains.

Operate at a slower speed: Max 1000 RPM.

Only operate with a Maxi Miller.

Attach your Smart Spider to the shaft (always use a sleeve bearing). Check the rotational direction - always rotate clockwise. Position the Spider inside the pipe by manually rotating the Spider legs. Turn your Maxi Miller on (Max 1000rpm). Now start your cleaning process. Be aware of the proficiency of the Smart Spider - continuously flush the dust out of the pipe with water when in use.

Easily rebuild your Spider when necessary. Affordable spare parts and rebuild packages available. The tip of the leg will wear off with use - change legs after the tip has worn out. The Spider must always be operated with its spring leader for flexibility.

The Smart Guide

The Smart Guide is a precision fine-tuning tool that can quickly be attached to your Smart Cutter hub, allowing you to steer the hub without damaging lined pipe. This makes it easy to locate and grind the correct spot.

Premium & PVC Chains

Picote’s new patent pending U-carbide design for the Premium Cyclone and Premium Original chains is an exciting advancement. The new carbide has twice the size and the surface contact of the standard model. For this reason, the new chain cleans more as it turns, making the cleaning process faster. The increased surface makes the carbide longer lasting with less wear per use. The superior fabrication of the carbide is resilient, again increasing the chain’s life-span.

Picote’s new Cyclone and Original chains without carbides are suitable for use inside PVC pipes.

For for use with the Micro or Mini Miller (8mm/⅓” shaft) for DN 50, 70 and 100/ 2”, 3” and 4”.

Also  for the Midi and Maxi Miller (12mm/½” shaft) for DN70, 100 and 150 / 3”, 4” and 6”.